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Successful E-Mail Marketing

By using mailingpoint, you can easily create and send personalized emails and newsletters on the internet.
In addition to that,mailingpoint is equipped with modules to send postcards, and text and fax messages.
As an ASP solution “renting instead of purchasing”, mailingpoint may be used at any working place that is supplied with a web browser and an internet access.

By means of a simple user surface, which can be intuitively operated, mailingpoint offers all functions needed for a professional and successful Dialogue Marketing – from subscriber administration, target group selection, creation and dispatch of the mailings to statistic evaluations and graphic reports. Modern technologies and professional service providers enable you to quickly and reliably dispatch your mailings.

mailingpoint is certified as an authentic email dispatcher by Certified Senders Alliance. Thanks to participation in this and other whitelists as well as to connections to important ISPs (Internet Service Providers), mailingpoint can guarantee that your newsletter will directly be send to its recipient without being sorted out by the spam filter.