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Subscriber lists

All existing subscriber lists appear in tabular form by clicking on the button 'Subscriber lists'. In this section, you can take care of them, edit and delete them. To help you start working with mailingpoint, you will find a demo list in which you can try different functions in a simple way.   
The shortcut 'Subscribers' leads to a general survey of the entered data records in the particular list.
In addition to that, the options 'Edit', 'Open folder', 'Move' and 'Delete' are available via the indicated icons. By clicking the button 'Edit', you can have a look at the name, description and the subscribers contained in the list and edit them as well. By clicking on the button 'Move', you are able to move the selected list to another folder. In order to do so, you must have already created subfolders via the folder administration (see 8.3 Folder Administration). If you have already moved a subscriber list to a subfolder, you will get there by clicking the 'Open folder' icon.

Create a new subscriber list

You can create new subscriber lists in mailingpoint via the button 'Create New Subscriber List'. After clicking this button, there appears an input form which pastes the name and an (optional) description in the first tab 'Basic Settings'. You get to the survey of the data records by clicking the tab 'Subscribers'. At this point you may create single data records of subscribers by clicking 'Create' directly in mailingpoint. A more efficient alternative to enter manually data records is offered by the Import which is described in 2.5 Import.

Besides standard information such as title, name, surname and email address of the subscriber, you can also enter additional information like company or birthday. This depends on the already existing subscriber fields. You will find more information on that in 2.3 Subscriber Fields. By clicking on the 'Safe' button, you can back up the entered data. Via the search box or the extended search you can specifically search for entries in the selected subscriber lists. The deposited data of the subscribers can afterwards be seen by the action ‘Open’ and, if necessary, be edited.

Subscriber search

You can use the extended search at the subscriber survey to filter certain subscriber groups. After choosing a target group or entering single keywords, all matching subscribers will be shown. By clicking 'Close Extended Search' all subscribers contained in the list are shown again.