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Subscriber manager

The subscriber administration includes a complete overview of all subscribers. Therefore, it is easier for you to search someone of whom you do not know for sure where he is listed.
The far-reaching search function enables you to filter by list or target group as well as to directly enter the subscriber’s email address. Via 'Extended Search' you are additionally able to screen after different subscriber fields. By clicking on the 'Search' button, you may find the matching subscribers. By clicking 'Close Extended Search', all subscribers contained in the list will be shown.

With the 'Opt Out' button you may sign out the subscribers from all lists. Before submitting this process, check exactly in which lists the subscriber is registered and whether you want him to be signed out from all lists. By clicking on the 'Open' icon you can change the basic settings as well as the affiliation to different groups.
With the button 'Create Subscriber', you can draw up new subscribers.